Testbed Access

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Basic access to D-Cube is subject to an agreement between the users of the facility and the Institute of Technical Informatics at Graz University of Technology about the nature of the experiments to be carried out and what is considered to be an acceptable use of the benchmarking facility.

To request a D-Cube account, download the terms and conditions for the use of the benchmarking facility by clicking on the PDF image on the right. If you accept all terms and conditions, enter your details, sign the document, and send a scanned copy via e-mail to dcube(at)iti(dot)tugraz(dot)at.

As soon as your registration is processed and accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your credentials. You can then log in at this page and start using D-Cube. Please note that D-Cube is a best-effort service: the availability and functionality of the benchmarking facility is not guaranteed (more info).

Download terms and conditions

In case you are interested in using D-Cube with a prioritized access policy, or require additional features, please contact us.