Welcome to the EWSN 2018 Dependability Competition!

Posted by carlo on 30 Nov, 2017

Following the success of the past two editions, the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN) hosts also this year a dependability competition comparing the performance of IoT communication protocols in harsh RF environments.

In contrast to the past two editions, the dependability competition is run remotely this year, i.e., contestants have remote access to the competition testbed facility for several weeks. This allows contestants to thoroughly test their protocols in the actual evaluation scenario before submitting the ultimate software for the final evaluation.

This blog will serve as a medium to share relevant information about the competition and to keep contestants up to date about the latest news. We will soon post the first set of information about the testbed facility and this year's logistic.

Until then, we would like to thank all contestants for taking part to this event and wish them happy coding!

The EWSN 2018 dependability competition co-chairs
(Carlo Alberto Boano and Markus Schuss)