Welcome to the EWSN'19 Dependability Competition!

Posted by carlo on 01 Oct, 2018

Dear contestants,

the preparation phase of the EWSN'19 dependability competition will begin in a few days!

As for last year's edition, we are going to post on this blog all the latest news (FAQs, known issues with the testbed facility, etc), as well as logistics information in order to guide you in the implementation of your solution.

Access to the testbed facility. The EWSN 2019 registration process will open on Monday, October 8, 2018 (link). At least one member of each team should register to the EWSN conference. Once this step is successfully completed, the same person should sign a copy of the terms and conditions for the use of the competition's testbed facility and send a scanned copy of this document as well as a copy of the registration confirmation to the competition organizers via e-mail. Once these steps are completed, the credential information to access the competition's testbed facility will be provided to all team members.

Logistics information. To get you acquainted with the logistics of this year's edition, we are preparing a document describing the competition format and highlighting the key differences compared to the previous editions. We will post this document on this blog within the end of this week.

We are looking forward to seeing your solutions in action in the coming weeks!

Markus Schuss and Carlo Alberto Boano

(EWSN'19 dependability competition co-chairs)