Evaluation, Leaderboard, and Interference

Posted by carlo on 31 Oct, 2018

Dear contestants,

the testbed facility has now been upgraded with the evaluation of experiments, with a leaderboard summarizing the results of all teams, as well as with the possibility to generate interference during an experiment.

Information about the new features is available in the updated Logistics Information file (look for the "new" sign).

Note that the testbed has been used only for a total of 19 hours and 36 minutes so far. Last year, several teams have waited for the very last days to experiment, with the result of not being able to run too many jobs. Please proactively avoid that, and start testing your firmware timely!

Markus Schuss and Carlo Alberto Boano

(EWSN'19 dependability competition co-chairs) (EWSN'19 dependability competition co-chairs)