Additions to the Testbed Facility

Posted by carlo on 17 Dec, 2017

Dear contestants,

in the last two days, we have updated the competition's testbed facility with a few add-ons and improvements:

  1. As suggested by some contestants, we have replaced the UserINT pin with the DAC0 pin. In this way, we avoid the use of a pin (UserINT) that is connected to a pull-up resistor and that has a higher power consumption when set to zero.

  2. We have added the possibility to create challenging RF environments. When creating an experiment, one can select one of three interfering modes (or choose to generate no interference). The challenging RF environment is created by using Raspberry Pi3 nodes to generate Wi-Fi traffic.

  3. We have added a preliminary evaluation script for the scenarios used in the first preparation phase (additional explanations in the PDF file). The evaluation script for the multi-point to point scenario will be added in the next days.

  4. We have also added two more scenarios: a point-to-point communication from node 206 to 210 (GPIO24) and a multipoint-to-point communication from nodes 117 & 207 & 226 to 222 (GPIO27). Node 222 needs to OR the status of the GPIO27 (ADC3/GIO0 pin) of the three source nodes.

Updated information can be found in this document.